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At our house, floors have been installed twice by Carpet City. Both times, they started the work right away after providing an estimate. They tidy up the workspace every evening and store the tools and sharp things to keep it out of the reach of children and animals. The flow of communication has been effortless. The white washed oak floor that we went with turned out beautifully.

Jerrell Cuellar Avatar Jerrell Cuellar
December 17, 2022

Sadly, the original hardwood flooring in the 1982 house we recently bought were severely scraped and worn. In addition, three distinct shades of hardwood had been placed by separate owners throughout the house. Before moving in, we decided to upgrade the floors, so we got in touch with Medhi from Carpet City. He was able to respond immediately and offer a highly expert review of the best ways to bring back the wood's original beauty. They did a fantastic job sanding out the dings and matching the color of the floors throughout. In the kitchen area, we also asked him to install brand-new oak hardwood. He coordinated the rest with the brand-new kitchen floors. We love our new floors!

Axel Jame Avatar Axel Jame
December 17, 2022

Our floors are great! At our new retail location, Medhi and his crew assisted us with refinishing the floors. They were quite swift. They outperformed expectations and did an excellent job. He was patient with us even though we had a lot of questions. He gave us a choice that none of the other quoters did: a waterbased coat. We had asked for light, natural hardwood. He always arrived on time. Would suggest!

William Willis Avatar William Willis
December 17, 2022

Carpet City performed a fantastic job. Medhi’s team quickly arrived and provided us a price that was fair. The entire house was getting new wood and carpet. 1400 square feet of flooring were installed and they also took special care to make it attractive. They removed and carpeted the old floor and cut all of the baseboards so the floor would go underneath them, leveled the carpeted floors, and relocated all of the furniture. The work turned out fantastic! You can count on Carpet City and the other guys from Carpet City to do an excellent job.

Elodie Charles Avatar Elodie Charles
December 17, 2022

Carpet city & flooring did a fantastic job. Thank you so much!

James Sim Avatar James Sim
February 17, 2023

Our ancient Victorian Italianate house was constructed in the 1900’s and the floors were made of rotten white wood. On the advice of another flooring business that couldn't assist us due to scheduling, we called Carpet City. We have brand-new, gorgeous floors in a matter of days because to the professionalism of Carpet City and their excellent color recommendations. I'd pick these people once more if I needed flooring.😊

Patricia Grayson Avatar Patricia Grayson
December 17, 2022

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