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The Benefits of Carpeted Floors

While hard surface floors seem to be a popular choice among homeowners today, there are some very unique reasons why there are die hard carpet lovers out there. Carpeted flooring is unique when compared to every other flooring material on the market. Here are the reasons why we think you should consider carpeting in your home.

Carpet has a style of its own

It’s no secret that carpet is unlike any other option on the market. When it comes to style carpet offers some unique characteristics. Carpet comes in a wide range of colors and even in some cases (especially when thinking about area rugs) even patterns. This provides a great opportunity for you to be creative. You may consider bold colors that compliment the aesthetic of your home, or more neutral colors that allow you to be more flexible in your design. Another design element that has carpet standing out in the crowd are the different textures that each type of carpet has. From shorter pile carpets to higher, each offers something new that can be incorporated into your own personal style.

Comfort like no other

Another trait of carpeted floors is that it is comfortable. Hard surface floors have their own beauty but one thing they really can’t compete with is comfort. Carpet is soft underfoot making it pleasant to stand, walk and even sit upon. Since hard surface floors are so hard, they do not offer any shock absorption. Carpet does a great job of absorbing the impact as you walk on it, which makes it much gentler on your feet. Having floors that are easier on the body is very appealing, don’t you think?

Warm and Quiet

The last two features we would like to discuss are the insulative and sound acoustical properties of carpet. If you live in a cooler climate carpet is a great choice because it adds insulation to a room, which is great especially in cooler months. Additionally, carpet absorbs sounds making it a great choice in homes where you may have neighbors affected by your foot noise. Places such as apartments and condominiums can really benefit from having carpeting as it will help the residents to not disturb their neighbors too much.
All in all, carpeted floors are of great value and have amazing properties that make them highly desirable. Even in homes that have a great deal of hard surface flooring throughout, often you will find carpeted flooring in the bedrooms and even living rooms. In these areas, it is especially nice to have soft luxurious carpeting to sink your feet into. Here at Carpet City our professionals are standing by to assist you in the Fairfax, VA area.
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