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Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

If you are feeling like your bathroom needs an upgrade, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are looking to breathe new life into one of the rooms that they spend much of their time… the bathroom! Whether you are looking to do the whole 9 yards from floor to ceiling including plumbing, or rather simply upgrade fixtures, countertops, and floors. There is something for everyone when it comes to a bathroom renovation.


One of the main reasons why you may be considering a bathroom renovation is because your bathroom may lack function. Is your bathroom a builder cookie cutter design? Do you feel like it is lacking in storage and has other functionality issues that make you crazy? Working with professionals to design a bathroom just for you and your needs is a great way to get improved functionality within the space.


If you are in an older home, you may find that your bathroom is stuck in another decade! A bathroom remodeling project can help breathe new life into the room. Giving it a few specific upgrades such as paint color, fixtures, countertops, and floors will allow you to bring your bathroom into the present. You will love spending time in your own personal oasis.


One thing is for sure, updating a bathroom with simple or in-depth renovations will add big value to your home. Prospective buyers want to see up to date bathrooms, because they will perceive an outdated bathroom as work, most people want move in ready homes when they are shopping around. Having an updated bathroom will give buyers a great incentive to buy your home.
A bathroom remodeling project is a great way to update your home, improve functionality in the space, and add value. Here at Carpet City in Fairfax, VA our experienced designers are available to assist you in creating a new bathroom that meets all of your needs.
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